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Gordon and Baker Videography

Brought to you by Kevin Gordon from Digital Technology Labs. A videography agency based in Essex, United Kingdom.

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Slides & Voice over

We’ll help you produce slides that tell your story and record a voicover, we can even do the voice over for you! All captured with your branding, call to actions, and hosting through appropriate channels.

You centre stage!

We’ll record you and your products in the locations you want to show them off in. We’ll then take the footage and images and produce a stunning one and a half minute video for you.

Viral Ads

Let your’s and our imagination run free, we’ll story board a series of small viral adverts for you, direct them and record them. You can then share or actively publicise on line!


Kevin Gordon

Kevin Gordon

Video Editor & producer

Rob Baker

Rob Baker

Video director & videographer

Our Crew

Our Crew

Runners, organisers, lighting & sound.


Gordon and Bailey

Gordon and Bailey are a boutique social media agency, specialising in social media digital signage.


Hayworths was an eCommerce store selling vintage inspired shoes. We worked on a introduction video for Hayworths.

Digital Technology Labs

As part of Digital Technology Labs we have created a range of videos.

The Hello Wall Co

The Hello Wall Co. is a company offering a Social Media Wall product.


BSTLC (Businesses Supporting Their Local Communities) is an organisation for which we helped create a crowd sourcing video for.

Our Services

We pride ourselves in offering high quality video production, and then aftersales support, to take your video to the next level; through sharing, social channels and digital marketing. Here is how we do it…

Social sharing.

It is important to know which social platform to host the video on e.g. Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook. It’s also important to know how to author good titles, descriptions, tags, and most importantly closed captions (subtitles), which allow the video to be understood without sound.

Digital marketing.

With a wealth of experience of delivering video right to the right platform, it’s important to also select the right channels for your business. On the right channel we can consult with you in regards to your marketing funnel and advert goals. We will can then run campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, etc.

Video shoot.

We will do the video shoot, to generate enough footage to create your video, or enough audio for the voice over. We will provide you with ample direction, to help you be your best forthe video. We then take the generated media and edit this down in a number of iterations before producing the final video. Alternatively we can create the graphics from a slide presentation.


Whichever platform or channel we distribute your video on we are able to capture analytics for things like number of views, number likes and number of shares. We can provide you with this adhoc or even set you up with the accounts you need to be able to view this all yourself.

Hey there!

We love creating meaningful experiences through our videos, for our customers. We would love to hear from you so we can make awesome videos for you too.

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